A significant percentage of sales in real estate comes from organizing open house events. Every real estate agent should use this technique to increase the odds of getting a buyer from the event. An open house can help you generate useful leads that can help you close a deal sooner than later. This is your chance to impress potential clients and convince them to buy the property you are advertising. You should implement useful ideas in your next open house. The following tips should help.

Proper planning

You need to plan for the open house properly. Start planning at least three weeks before the day so that you have enough time to notify the current tenant or sellers of the real estate property. Early preparations also give you sufficient time to look for prospective buyers to attend the open house.

Aim at attracting the right crowd

You can attract a lot of prospective buyers to the event by conducting some online research on your target demographic. Once you identify the right target for the home, reach out to them and look for ways to appeal to their specific needs.

Find the right channels to reach out to your target demographic. For instance, you can make use of Facebook ads, advertise the event on Instagram or send a video tour of the specific property through email. Feel free to attend some of the local events around the community to help you spread the word. You can even knock on some doors around the neighbourhood or advertise the event in a local newspaper.

Tidy up your listing

People might judge the condition of the property from its exterior. You should ensure that you tidy up the property for you to be able to draw passers-by into the property. Work on the front yard, porch, driveway, garden, and balcony before the event. Clean the interior for you to leave a lasting impression on the guests who attend the open house.

Stage your listing

Staging your listing gives potential clients a clear picture of how they can occupy the space. It gives you the chance of showcasing the property realistically. A staged home creates an emotional connection with potential buyers. It also enhances the property’s value. Use simple home staging techniques to transform the house into a home during the event.

Set open house signs around the neighbourhood

You can make the house easy to find by putting signs everywhere around the community. Do not forget to leave a sign on a busy intersection that many people use. Include the directions to the property so that people who are new to the area do not get lost. You can even put the sign on the front part of the property to draw extra attention.

Follow up

After holding the event, make sure you follow up with each guest to get feedback regarding their thoughts on the real estate property. You can send personal emails or call them to find out if you got a serious client interested in the property.